Bryan Portrait250Given that he’s the progeny of one of LA’s best-known interior designers; it’s not surprising that Bryan Wark inherited a predisposition to design. Having grown up in his father’s design studio, an array of eclectic, artistic personalities became fixtures in his life and inevitably inspired him to find a place for himself within the creative community. For Wark it was never a question of whether to design but what to design.

Bryan’s deep appreciation for structural design remains at the core of his work. After obtaining an MFA from UCLA, he started designing temporary space for some of LA’s biggest event companies.

“It has become an obsession for me, the need to beautify my surroundings. I am constantly thinking of ways to make them more appealing and functional”, says Wark. “If an event space is well designed there is an unspoken communication when guests enter the venue. It sets the mood for the whole experience. This is how I approach it. The space is the first impression my client makes that night, so it better be the right impression.”

With a client list ranging from 20th Century Fox, Halle Berry and Ben Affleck to Christian Dior, InStyle Magazine and Veuve Cliquot, Bryan definitely made an impression.

This thoughtful approach led to a change in direction in Bryan’s career and to more longevity in his new projects. Instead of creating a fantasy environment for one night, he is experiencing what it is like to execute his vision and have it still be standing months and years after its inception. With numerous interiors projects completed, both residential and commercial, he has come to realize that it is the transformation of space that is his true passion; whether you spend years raising a family in it or a few hours dancing the night away.

Though he considers himself a modernist, Wark is eclectic in style, drawing influence from a variety of eras, aesthetics and cultures and blending it all together to produce diverse and unexpected results. His eye for detail and love of texture impart a depth to his work, so there are new elements to discover long after your first look. Whether pairing antiques with Eames or Asian with Art Deco, Wark is an elegant contradiction of style.